Story behind the name NNH

Nightingale Natural Health (NNH)

Nightingale is the family name and a species of bird that sings a song so beautiful that it has inspired the creation of many fairy tails, musical songs and poetry. The traditional children’s tale of the Chinese emperor ‘The Nightingale‘ by Hans Christian Andersen, tells the story of this small brown bird with a red tail who sings a song so beautiful that the Emperor takes him for his own enjoyment and later try’s to artificially replicate it song. Time soon shows that you cannot replicate the natural sounds of the Nightingale. It is unique and the power of its voice produces healing at a very deep level. This is because it is not just the voice but the love from which the bird sings that the Emperor heals. To me (Kimberley) this story is one of unconditional love representing the healing energies of sound and nature through communication of the arts. For this reason Nightingale Natural Health was chosen as the name of my business to represent the desire for this practice to help you heal through communication of the arts of natural health.