Origins of Womens Red Tent

 We invite you to share in the unique experience that is the red tent!

Celebrating the beauty that we all share


What is it?

As women we face our own unique journeys and challenges, the red tent or moon lodge is a nurturing experience and place for women of our communities to gather and share in being nourished at all levels on or near the new moon each month…more info


Where does it come from?

A traditional practice in many cultures the moon lodge is being re-ignited and inspired to suit our modern day needs.

Originally the red tent was a place females would gather to discuss issues related to our gender, otherwise known as secret women’s business.

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Who can go?

Traditionally women only, by this females who have transitioned from childhood into woman hood with the experience of having had their first menstruation/period.

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Where, when and How much?

location: 53 Buckley Street Morwell, Victoria
Contribution: $20 full $17 concession

For this months theme and details click here

What does it give me? What do I get to give?

Red tents are held throughout the country and globally.

Each group varies with the different talents and skills of the people that attend for this reason it is always unique and full of new experiences.

Red tent held in Morwell by Kimberley Nightingale are themed from month to month as all red tents are, with emphasis on guided SVH meditation and herbal, nutritional wellbeing and how these and the lunar phases affects our health and emotional well-being. Flower essence and oracle readings may be utilised within, along with guest speakers from time to time exploring dance, music, art, Tantra and alike. For current session topic and outline see Next Women’s Red Tent

Happy to answer further questions Please call Monday to Friday in business hours or email: click here for contact link