Flower Essence Consults

Flower Essence Therapy


What is it?

Flower Essence Therapy: Is a form of energetic medicine that involves utilising the properties of flowers and their doctrine of signatures to assist with the emotional level and mental level of our physical being. It is a safe and effective modality that assists in your holistic health care.

Flower essence consultation involve one on one contact with a qualified practitioner who hears your story and helps you to find the best flower essence remedy and or combination of essences that will assist you in meeting your needs and reaching your goals. Consultations go for 20-30minutes where you will be prescribed the chosen flower essence remedy. Ian white Australian bush flower essences are used here at Nightingale Natural health.  

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Is it safe?

Flower essences are incredibly safe, they are used to great effect in children and animals. Safe in pregnancy, throughout breastfeeding, in combination with prescribed medication both natural and pharmaceutical and you cannot even overdose on it.

Why? Flower essences are the energetic imprint of the vital force/spirit of the plant that the water has taken on, (meaning there is no physical part of the plant present), purified water and small amount of brandy to preserve it.

What can Flower essences do for you?

Flower essences can help you to feel more revitalised, centered and confident and much more. This is because they work on bringing balance to our core emotions and mental outlook.

Keep in mind that our minds have an amazing affect on our body as our mood has a huge affect on our state of well-being. Since our mood and our emotions play such an integral part in our happiness and overall physical well-being it makes sense that therapies which assist us in balancing our emotions are going to have a great and positive affect in our day to day lives and quality of life.

This is why flower essences are a great and effective remedy to use in health and illness, on its own and in combination with other therapies all year around.

Used within the Naturopathic tool kit you can have flower essence consultations here at Nightingale Natural Health on its own, in combination with Serenity Vibration Healing (a prayer based form of meditation) and within a Naturopathic consultation.

Story behind its use:

Used in many traditional cultures it again re-emerged in a new light with the pioneering work of doctor Edward Bach.  A doctor in the early 1900’s working in the field of vaccine research he began to see parallels with his work on vaccines to homeopathy. Combined with his patient observations, strong psychic abilities and medical background the development of the Bach flower essences came to light. A combination of energetic imprints of mostly native English flora to address the emotional patterns he saw as relating to the patients manifestation of physical illness. The most common of which is used today is Rescue remedy.

Since than others have contributed to and further developed his work. Now there are many flower essence ranges that incorporate other native species of plants suited to different parts of the continent and have been in use for decades now with considerable success, case studies and testimonies to date.

Nightingale Natural Health uses the Ian White’s bush flower essences range, these are produced in the same manner in which the Bach essences were but they are Australian Native plants instead of English.

What are flower essence remedies? How are they thought to work at this time?

Flower essences are derived from plants. They encapsulate the energetic force/prana/vital force of the plant and energise it. This than is currently believed to be taken up by the circulatory system of the body into the subtle bodies and through energy grid points to the subtle energy bodies that hold the belief systems and patterns of behaviour to positively affect the mind, emotions and physical well being. This of course is theoretical and in time more and more evidence will be available to show how these energetic systems work and affect our being.

Disease and illness are thought by some to originate from dysfunction in these subtle bodies. From this emotional, karmic or energetic dysfunction it is believed to stream down into the physical body resulting in physical illness and imbalance. Giving flower essences are thought to help reduce physical ailments by affecting the higher variational and emotional levels that seemingly contribute to or cause the illness. Kimberley of NNH has found in her experience that Flower essences in some can positively affect the physical body (as mind often affects the body) it is not consistently so which is where nutritional, diet and herbal treatments come into play. She find that for most, flower essences help best with the emotional and mental outlook which can allow you to take the necessary steps towards improving your overall health and well-being. Flower essences are a fantastic remedy to have and use in the whole family to great affect.

Flower essences are fantastic on there own and as an addition to your overall holistic healthcare plan, working well in conjunction with herbal, nutritional and lifestyle advice Kimberley from Nightingale Natural health can help you find the right solution for you.

Disclaimer: It is important to acknowledge that there is something for everyone, room for everyone and different stages of treatment and levels of healing. As such sometimes you may need more physical remedies, tactile therapies in addition to you energetic treatment/flower essence.

So please know this is not a substitute for medical advice and assistance.