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Kimberley has joined the team at Simply Natural Therapies in Melbourne and will be practicing from there as well as here in Morwell.

Details and booking info can be found on:

Natural health professionals working alongside!


Nightingale Natural Health is located within the doors of Latrobe Chiropractic at 53 Buckley Street Morwell.


Latrobe Chiropractic offers professional chiropractic adjustments that provide a hands on approach to many health complaints. The practitioners here are friendly, professional and helpful. Chiropractic care can be  done in conjunction with your Naturopathic consultations and with your written permission can be worked in with your treatment plans for a greater level of overall natural health care . For details on  services and practitioners available by Latrobe Chiropractic please click here!

MJM Bowen therapy is also available here at 53 Buckley street Morwell. Owned and run by Micheal who practices as a Bowen therapist providing another hands on treatment that works well in combination with your Naturopathic and Nutritional consultations. Offering energetic and physical therapeutic care for details on his service and what he can do see inside doors of Latrobe chiropractic or call: 0412308460 to talk to him.

Evalasting Touch is now here at 53-55 Buckley street Morwell. Having moved from just around the corner Eva joins this thriving professional and caring space. Offering Remedial Massage, hot stone massages and Counseling. She can help with relieving pressure points, general relaxation and your mental/emotional well being. Perfect in combination with your Naturopathic consultation, the physical therapy component of her practice provides a great chance to unwind and relax, while helping to improve circulation and health. For details on her services and what she can do see inside doors of Latrobe Chiropractic or call Eva on: 0488555382

Other Natural Health practitioners and speakers in the Latrobe Valley that may be of interest to you:


Jen Dentoom: Public speaker on Happiness and ways to help achieve Happiness in your life. She runs workshops within the Latrobe valley for details on her services click here!

Toni Marsh: Remedial Massage Therapist, Toni works from two locations, in Loch Park road and Traralgon Chiropractic center for bookings and details call: 0411864474

Melbourne Practitioners


Originally practicing in Melbourne our Practitioner Kimberley formed many connections with practitioners in a range of fields whom helped inspire and transform her way of thinking. Working with many of these practitioners Kimberley is a big believer that there is someone for everyone, room for everyone and that working together free of ego and power play IS essential to helping you get to where you need NOW.

Practitioners you may be interested to find out more include:

Dina Culcasi: Owns and runs Inner balance health Clinic Melbourne. Dina runs this multi-modality clinic and practices as a qualified Osteopath and lecturer.Osteopathy provides a hands on gentle approach to healthcare focusing on realigning the joints, muscles and joints of the body. It can be of benefit to may health complaints to find out more on Osteopathy and the other services she offers click here!

Elisa Yip: Is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture working at Inner balance Health Clinic and 2 other health clinics in Melbourne. She specializing in pain management and treatment. In my(Kimberley) view Elisa is very thorough in her practice, has a brilliant thirst for knowledge and gentle caring approach style. For details on where to see her in practice click here!

Valentina Rise Owner and practitioner for Clarity Healing & BioMatrix healing. A unique experience that is something of its own for details on services click here!