Therapy Breakdown what it means for you

Western Herbal Medicine: Utilises the biochemical and energetic aspects of plant-derived remedies to assist in the relief and treatment of symptoms and conditions.

Nutritional Medicine: Utilises concentrated nutrients to assist in the amendment of nutritional deficiencies, promote and maintain health, especially where there are altered nutritional needs, optimise bodily function, increase wound-healing and recovery from illness, along with many other conditions.

Food as medicine: Utilises the therapeutic qualities of food to enhance your overall vitality and wellbeing. Essential in health maintenance and disease prevention, it is an aspect of naturopathy that you can fully embrace and utilise within your daily life and routine. Empowering and fully within your control, it is one of the cornerstones of health and wellbeing and is an integral part of my practice.

Serenity Vibrational Healing:  Is a form of prayer-based meditation. It involves directives being implemented by your higher self with the assistance of quantum level reprogramming to address the seeds and foundations of any negative belief patterns and blockages. This treatment may assist you in the direction and life path you have chosen.

Flower Essence Therapy: Is a form of energetic medicine that involves utilising the properties of flowers and their doctrine of signatures to assist with the emotional level of our physical being. It is a safe and effective modality that assists in your holistic health care.

Mineral therapy: Is a therapy involving the use of low-dose mineral preparations to activate the vital force to achieve change by acting at both an energetic level and Physical level. Safe to use in conjunction with other medications and in pregnancy, it is an effective tool used to assist in holistic health care.

Ear Candling: Is used within many traditional cultures due to its spiritual associations. It is a relaxing and enjoyable experience that can be of benefit in conditions ranging from sinus problems to ringing in the ears to general relaxation. It is a practice that can prove very beneficial in enhancing the efficacy of other treatments, and so may be experienced as a treatment alone or in conjunction with other modalities. The ear candles used are Hopi Ear Candles which are TGA approved and are made from all natural ingredients.