Red tent ‘where does it come from?’ continued

Here the group would help each other through the transitions from maidenhood to motherhood, from motherhood to menopause and matriarch, celebrating each phase by acknowledging the unique gifts and lessons each stage and every woman brought into the group.

It was a place where each age group could contribute and learn from each other, talk about issues that were related to the well being of self and the clan/community, gaining insight into the moon goddess energies of inner wisdom and intuition best channeled at this time of the month. It was also a place where girls whom had experienced their first menstruation/period would be welcomed into the group as a sign of passage into womanhood.

By this the role of being a woman was celebrated and looked forward to.

Here they would learn about all things related: fertility and menstrual cycles, sex education the kind not always talked about in school, and all the mysteries, responsibilities and beauty of this womanhood.

Today there aren’t the dogmas and rules of what we should be or shouldn’t be it is purely a safe place to take time out, be nourished, get to know ourselves and our body’s better, enabling authentic expression of ourselves with like-minded people.