Red tent ‘what is it?’ continued

Held on a new moon as this represents the time where the sacred feminine energy is at its peak. The sacred feminine encompassing the love and nurturing energies full of insight and intuitive wisdom, as such the new moon is a brilliant time to allow your-self to take time out and be enriched.

Women’s Red tent’s message is of the importance of  embracing womanhood and all that it encompasses.

We discuss issues that affect us, including food, nutrition, lunar cycles and how this affects our emotions, energy levels menstrual patterns and general well-being.

The Red Tent provides a place to share as much or as little as you want in regards to life lessons, inner wisdom and special gifts and talents with others in a mutually honouring and respectful way.

By doing this we help one another to progress forward in life. Recharging the batteries with laughter, time out, meditation, true self-reflection and safe space to freely be you and speak your authentic truth.

By taking this moment to ourselves once a month we can than better serve those we love.